ART the only band in the world. usa. 1980.

1980 veröffentlichte ART, die einzige band der welt, auf dem einzigen label der welt die einzige schallplatte der welt. so steht es geschrieben und so wird es hier nachgewiesen. in 1980 "ART - the only band in the world" released "the only record in the world" on their own "the only record label in the world"; followed of course two years later by "the only compact cassette tape in the world"...

1980. usa. "the only record in the world" ist die einzige schallplatte der welt mit drei stücken und einer gebrauchsanweisung (an instruction manual for the use of this only record in the world is included); die a-seite ist eigentlich ganz normal, the b-side has two very different tracks split into two channels: you can listen to both simultaneously or change the balance of your lo-fi system to either channel. zu eurer bequemlichkeit und for your pleasure i extended this extended play record and split it into atoms: wir hören zunächst die naturbelassene a-seite (side a of this fairly worn record is not changed and has all surface noise you might need), die b-seite folgt nach fünf sekunden pause anschliessend unbehandelt; beide kanäle gleichzeitig wie gewünscht (a five second no-noise interlude takes you to the other side: both channels upgrading your karma as one) und dann kommen, wie der schlaue mitdenker bereits erwartet, beide kanäle getrennt nacheinander in strahlender schönheit (an other intermission is followed by both channels separated from their twin tower: great: twelve minutes of artsy-fartsy blown up to a 33 minutes documentary feature telling you all about ART the only band in the world).

prinzip ist klar?!

ART the only band in the world were mykel board on vocals and brains, kimberly davis on metronomicon and voices, crackers played guitars and lori montana used bass and languages. der rest erklärt sich selbst.

wir hören also: listen to:

1 - ugly people with fancy hairdos
2 - track 3 and 4 as one
3 - give me nuclear power / i don´t wanna hold your hand
4 - art gets thrown off the stage while playing for the yippies

soweit mal.

|>> ART the only band in the world - the only record in the world
(mp3 / 224 kbps / 33 minutes / 53 mb / direct download)


Anonymous said...

Danke schoen for the ART, the PiL and the DAF! Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being the first, if only, person to mention 'Art' on the interstate. They also produced an album, Art-Live at Carnegie Hall.

Doctor B said...

I have an original copy of this record with all of the inserts. Mykel and Lori are old old friends of mine and gave it to me back in the day. Whenever someone sees my big vinyl collection for the first time they will invariably ask what's the most exotic/valuable item in it; I will usually pull this out and play it. It is unlike anything else ever recorded, I would think.

DoctorB Redux said...

Update: "Ugly People With Fancy Hairdos" can be found on the Artless "Plugged" retrospective collection. (I believe Mykel may have included special inserts into this package as well, including semen-encrusted kleenex. What? You say that was unintentional? And they already shipped? Uh-oh...)