the fuzztones live in hamburg 1985. six encores for your pleasure.

always different, always the same: the fuzztones.

in 1985 the fuzztones conquered europe and hit some stages in nuremberg, hamburg and the dutch city of leiden in the netherlands of holland: though there MUST be more tapes mavericking around the world these are the only ones i could find to share with you.

but listen close: some enthusiastic comment forced me to warp through the black holes of my collection again these days and i came up with some twenty minutes of pure noise i had forgotten and hidden out on a tape labelled "john cale marseille 1975" for some reason.

so here are the fuzztones again, live in hamburg on the 12th of may 1985, a six track bonus encore closing the concert i mentioned up above. please listen to ira elliott (backing vocals, drums), michael jay (backing vocals, bass), rudi protrudi (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), elan portnoy (guitar), and the wonderful deb o' nair (backing vocals, organ).

and this is what you will get:

- i´m loose (the stooges)
- (run) chicken run (link wray)
- blues theme (the hogs aka the chocolate watch band)
- human fly (the cramps)
- 1-2-5 blair (the haunted)
- highway 69 (the fuzztones)

|>> the fuzztones - hamburg encore 1985-05-12
(mp3 / 224 kbps / 22 minutes / 36 mb / direct download)


Anonymous said...

A bitchen service you do here!

Thanks particularly for the casssette rips. Only seen a few blogs doing this. Your vinyl shares are equally delightful and reminiscent.

This sort of fare became instantly the only alternative for off-center musos in the 70s and 80s, and cassettes became the coin of the kingdom. Any band could hit the road with a dubbing deck and some blanks, t-shirts and stickers, and pay their way as they went selling merch.

You would stand (no seats!) at face level (no stage!) with the group, feet - if not inches - away from them and just SOAK in the noise. This often occurred in no more than a concrete- or brick-walled cube-shaped room with no features to speak of.

When the last song ended, the band would meet those who came forward to thank/congratulate and instant friendships were made, often renewed the next time the band came through (usually within a year).

The band would pack out themselves, perhaps with one roadie/driver/manager, perhaps after a shared smoke or whatnot with fans who visited the van in the lot out back.

Know what? Thanks for the memories, too.


Anonymous said...

'sss' - lol ~s

Richard said...

Thanks so much for these Fuzztones shares. They do "the business" like no other. It tears me up to hear fools decry them as a bar band or the like. Screaming Jay Hawkins does not appear on stage with just anybody. If you post more Fuzztones I will be there or thereabouts. This is a quality blog and no mistake. Keep at it.

RYP said...

SUPERB, Spurensicherer!
während dieser Tour war ich in Bochum dabei! 1985 waren live die Fuzzies, die Barracudas und natürlich die Fleshtones das non plus ultra!

vielen Dank für dieses Kleinod!