the fuzztones live in rimini 1988.

trash, baby. a mono live recording ripped from an amateur video shot in rimini on the 15th of april 1988. harsh loud lo-fi trash. great. the fuzztones.

the fuzztones for this=here execution of noise were link protrudi (guitar, vocals, harmonica), jordan tarlow (guitar, vocals), mad mike czekaj (drums, vocals), jason savall (keyboards, vocals) and john carlucci on bass. a 70 minute one track mind: please enjoy!

black box
yeah babe
you must be a witch (lollipop shoppe)
13 women (bill haley)
in heat
hurt on hold
bad news travels fast
not a one girl man
nine months later
ward 81
heathen set
cheyenne rider (mad mike sings)
it came in the mail
gotta get some / journey to tyme
i'm loose
psychotic reaction
(fade away)

the fuzztones live in rimini 1988
(mp3 / 256 kbps / 70 minutes / one track / 130 mb / direct download)

and for the chosen few that made it down here we got romilar d both sung in italian and spanish:

romilar d (spanish version)
romilar d (italian version)
(mp3 / 256 kbps / direct download)

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Norman Bates said...

Great stuff!!! Been looking for this for ages!!!

Only suggest a correction: the tags and filenames of romilar d versions are inverted (the spanish is actually italian and viceversa). Just for the ones who are not familiar with those languages...