albrecht/d. and throbbing gristle 1976

no: there is not too much information on albrecht/d. to be found on the net. when you google for him: you will mostly find albrecht dürer: and of course there is a connection: as an instant performance and as a contribution to the albrecht dürer jubilee in 1971 dietrich albrecht changed his real name officially to albrecht/d.

a/d. was born in 1944, lives in stuttgart/germany since 1958 and acts like an artist since 1966. the picture is taken from a performance in 1988:
he worked and performed with beuys, throbbing gristle, vostell, paik, saree and many others. he invented permanent instant performance. he saved raoul hausmann from being forgotten.

his work includes: mail art: endless music: processed copies: exhibitions: installations: concerts: stamps: art into society: instant life / love / death: kinky beaux arts: abstract energy: violence permanent:

in 1979 he was part of the stuttgart punk & art posse: the young common time punks hated him for being an artist: but he inspired a lot of thee art core noise explorers.

there is more, much more to say: but for now: let´s make some noise:

albrecht/d. and throbbing gristle:
cosey fanni tutti, genesis p-orridge & chris carter in 1974/1975 were c.o.u.m. transmutating into throbbing gristle. before sleazy joined in 1976 albrecht/d. lived and performed with them in their death factory in london. at least three hours of their music survived on cassette tapes and are still available through reflection press (yes: his name and number are part of the stuttgart telephone book. send two irc for the mail order catalogue). one cassette includes throbbing gristle performances recorded on the 12th and 18th of june 1976, probably without albrecht/d. playing, though he recorded, produced and edited the tape. the second tape originates from the 23rd of july 1976 and includes albrecht/d. on drums. you are about to hear the third and final session, a one hour performance that took place on the 30th of july 1976 and included albrecht/d. on drums again and throbbing gristle as throbbing gristle.

this cassette was released as "music from the death factory ## throbbing gristle with albrecht/d. ## recorded live on 30th july 1976". the cover is a onesided fotocopy. my late 90s version has the new address of kinky beaux arts (eisenbahnstr. 58, 70372 stuttgart) replacing the original reflection press address (friedenaustr. 21, 7000 stuttgart 1). the cassette label is handwritten by albrecht/d.: "TG et A/d." one side; the other says "30.7.76".

throbbing gristle & albrecht/d. 30. july 1976 a-side
(mp3, 192 kbps, 44,5 mb)

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throbbing gristle & albrecht/d. 30. july 1976 b-side
(mp3, 192 kbps, 43,5 mb)

alternate download with in.solit.us

an excerpt of the break-the-line! cd
"endless music - music for the nirvana" performed by angelika schmidt and albrecht/d. in 1979 can be found in the kraut mask replica podcast as well as a short solo track from 1974. and there is more to be found and more to come.


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