RLW, faust, bequeen, merzbow, nurse with wound, satori, konstruktivists, lee ranaldo: four years in 30 seconds.

four years in 30 seconds:
a collection of music from around the world

in 1997 the british label dirter promotions delighted and enlighted the world (or at least 1200 inhabitants) with a 10-inch-vinyl-album featuring an interesting cross section of 25 rather familiar avantgarde artists with some exclusively commissioned works, all clocking in at about (you guess:) 30 seconds. regathered on this compilation were the likes of ralf wehowsky (aka RLW aka eaRLyW, more of his music can be found in the KLÄNG part of this blog), merzbow (a 1982 track reappeared on a very private tape compilation and might be found here within the next few years), nurse with wound (more paratopic information in an earlier post) and 22 other as follows. in 1998 the album was released on cd with all 25 tracks played backwards as bonus tracks. this cd release was a limited edition of 1000 copies and is what you are going to listen to right here and now.

01. faust spot
02. band of pain acid
03. rlw kitnabudja kid
04. stefan jaworzyn i am the king of goth! look upon my works, ye assholes, and despair!
05. satori tongue cracked dry
06. beequeen edie's second sun
07. idea fire company none but the first rate workmen will meet with encouragement
08. dual drimon drmn
09. merzbow hummingbird
10. pessary abort
11. paul gommersall mmmm...strange
12. contrastate poodles in practice dress at the battersea dogs opera
13. lee ranaldo first computer piece
14. splintered perihelion
15. incapacitants mutual fund explosion
16. pestrepeller maximum yak satisfaction
17. inversion 1:1 safety
18. business machines latex
19. the pickle factory update
20. east of the sun torcross
21. the shadow ring the way of the world (part 2)
22. headbutt terrible noise bringer
23. illusion of safety center
24. konstruktivist black mass
25. nurse with wound transcribe and dictate (heavy trad)
plus 25 bonus tracks

NO. this download is no longer available. steve pittis from dirter asked me to remove the links and i did instantly, of course. sorry, steve, i did not notice that legal downloads of this wonderful work are still available and my only aim was to get people to hear the music i love. sorry.

please visit emusic or audiolunchbox or any other service to buy this album and to help dirter to survive.

and the bonus track can be found in my wunschmaschinenklang podcast: faust backwards and back to forward again in one seamless and still very short track plus a summary in german.


Anonymous said...

Beastly! I'm a newcomer to your blog, and judging by this post alone, a frequent visitor. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

I'm posting here as I can't get to post it on its page.
Is there any chance I could get a lossless copy of the "Lady June Linguistic Leprosy" tape?
I am willing to trade a few shows for this.
I have tons of Gong and related
Let me know, thanks.


bravo juju said...

sounds excellent, as many of the posts you have here. many thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just listen to this.
It's great. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Please remove this link now. This download is legally available and this is piracy. The artists have been paid by me (Dirter), so why should I have the music stolen by you? It is extremely difficult to keep a label like this going, and this kind of crap makes even harder.

Steve Pittis, Dirter.