thou shalt expand thy mind - ptolemaic sounds 1999 (the green pajamas, fit & limo, the flyte reaction, MRZA, kieran white, pat orchard, hood, etc)

the ptolemaic terrascope was a british magazine that started in 1989 to explore the obscure psychedelic sounds that influenced the wonderful bevis frond whilst turning into the most comprehensive source for information about mind expanding music throughout the centuries. editor phil mcmullen completed the long strange trip in 2004 with the release of PT35. issues #1 up to #24 each included a vinyl-ep featuring unreleased tracks by the likes of nurse with wound, twink, high tide, spirit, cliff richard, man, vietnam veterans (to name but a few), issues #25 up to #35 each included a full length cd album with more rare and unreleased gems. all editions of the magazine are completely sold out.

to give you a short insight into what you might have missed we decided to share at least the supplement of PT#26 with you. having been released in february 1999 it featured exclusive tracks from pat orchard (who had been on the very first ep as well), the german john&yoko-impersonators fit & limo, the linus pauling quartet, the flyte reaction, the green pajamas and many more. here is what you can hear and what nick saloman had to say about:

and now listen, learn and read on.
(mp3 / 175 mb / scans included / direct download)


Anonymous said...

great idea, my dear. fine to see you taking care of more than buzz, buzz, buzz goes the hoelscher-kefer, tweet, tweet, tweedle-dee goes the birdwatcher. i think i've still got all the PT vinyl-EPs somewhere in my wahnzimmer. if the kids are excited, they might be invited, and we'd continue...yours, Mike Nelson

Holly said...

Thank you very much ! I have a dl copy of "issue 36" - perhaps the original uploader was in error? First track is Barbara Manning's version of 'Crazy man Michael'.

At any rate, I would be most appreciate of any volumes you care to share


Anonymous said...

..thank you for this selection of, too me anyhow, new artists. I love Jacob by Pat Orchard, what an opener for a great CD! More please