the lolly pope has left this world

werner 'allen' voran aka wenne aka the lolly pope aka dj wennedikt passed away on the 13th of april 2013. he was a very close friend of mine for about thirty years. since 1983 we met almost every fortnight to explore the worlds of strange, obscure and wonderful music, either as protagonists acting in bands like the pinkees or sturclub, or as curators and configurators researching, compiling and editing/publishing collections of german and british beat, teutonic kraut and other forgotten or rarely heard music. for the last five or so years we gave up on releasing our findings on cd or vinyl and decided to share our conclusions online for free in this here blog. the prae-kraut, tommyknockers and the undead heroes series tried to give you a glimpse impression of what happened in our almost legendary friday afternoon sessions. now this mission is terminated untimely though some scetches and fragments might turn up within the following years. wenne is not gone, he is just next door.

wenne to me was like a brother without the familiar quarrelling. he still is very close to me and this blog will not carry on without him: it will carry on with him and you will notice when he comes grumbling and grouching and knowing it all much better. that is why i love and miss him.

his lady and partnering soul patti has created a site in rememberance of wenne, sharing a video of one of his last performances in 2012 and the words that were spoken at his funeral. everything is different now and everything stays completely the same. please be here now.

ralf van daale aka westfauster


Anonymous said...

I've lost a few friends myself the last 5 years and I know exactly how you feel. It's the dark side of getting older and one day there is nobody left to grieve about your passing. In the end are we all alone.
May Wenne rest in peace and may his lady and you keep him in good memory. Forever.

Anonymous said...

so sad to hear this. All I knew of "the lolly pope" until today was what i gleaned from your fine blog posts and the music you assembled for our ears, but much as we all love those of course he was so much more to you, Westfauster, and to the others that knew and loved him, Patti and doubtless many others. And ironically it's only now that I actually see him, hear him drumming in a tube(!) and in the Pinkees, and read a little of the "other" man. I'm sure you'll miss him terribly, and find the right ways to do him justice here.

Anonymous said...

Strenght! May the good memories stay forever..

Jan from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss. I have enjoyed tremendously reading the insights and learning/discovering the many garage bands from the "Tommyknockers" series. Thank you.

Peace Obey Gravity

michael vee said...

Ralf, I share exactly the same feelings with you and there is no day I do not think of him. the only lesson to learn is to enjoy every minute of our lifes and to stay close to friends. RIP Werner, your spirit will live on in our memories and in the music and wit you shared with us.

Txus said...


Anonymous said...

Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of your brother. The music and the memories live on.

Rob Kopp said...

What an unbelievable coincidence. Platenclub Utrecht (Record club Utrecht) consists of 7 record collectors. We meat once a month and always have a theme. Theme of the last meeting on the 22nd of april was ... Tommyknockers. In my advertisement with our monthly Top 10 in Dutch record magazine PLATENBLAD I've explained why I had chosen this theme and referred to this excellent site. My condolences to everyone who knew Werner. Rob Kopp www.platenclubutrecht.nl

Sebastián Paredes said...

My deepest and most sincere respect, admiration and eternal remembrance for Werner The Lolly Pope.

Thank you for your passion and my grattitude for sharing so many obscure and great music.

I'm sure that, as with past comps, Tommykcockers will become a true legendary collection.

Werner will forever be alive through music and great memories.

Miguel Angel Villanueva (Spain)

Txus said...


kingpossum said...

Condolences and fond memories for you in abundance. Thanks so much for sharing the music and your life and times with the man. May both your spirits shine brightly always.

michael vee said...

I have posted a set of 3 "Un-Lost"-Tommyknockers compilations with tracks the Lolly Pope had on his short-list or might have chosen for his next installments. This RIP-edition is no way meant to substitute or equal the incomparable knowledge and wit of my good friend but simply was conceived to keep his memory alive. Get it at http://michaelvee.livejournal.com

boogieman said...

Sincere condolences.

A gret Tommyknockers fan.

Gummo said...


Not just a fan and a collector, the lolly pope was a true scholar. His research, presentation, notes and illustrations for the Tommyknocker series outstrip anything done by so-called professional record companies, who could certainly learn something from his dedication and knowledge.

He left us with many many hours of pleasure and fun, which in these dark times, is a precious gift indeed.

For those of us who never knew him personally, his memory lives on in this blog and in every track fondly downloaded from it.

Anonymous said...

dear fellows,
death is terrible; memories are terrible
human quality, good taste and ideology will never die.
human quality, good taste and ideology are the characteristics of your excellent blog and all of those who build and keep it alive, regardless if they are dead (re werner) or alive (all of the rest)
i wish you a long good life
kostas (athens, greece)

Purple Peak Records said...

My small tribute to a very nice man: http://cdreissuewishlist.blogspot.com/2013/09/musikalische-gruppenimprovisation.html

Anonymous said...

Long live the lolly pope!!!

hooch said...

R.I.P. and thank you for some wonderful music that i would never had heard if not for you!