1982: hör mal zu mein freund ja!? (immer lächeln) (denke denke) punknoypsychs extendered play from germany (five groups, five tracks, highfive and a kraut!) geiti lem for your unknown pleasures!!

ha!noi! this ain't no kraut at all though it is! a seven inch vinyl record recorded in germany, probably in dortmund, probably in 1982: but probably any way away that you go-go and there is some experimental punk noise reggae krams for you. it is okay, but nonono sensation. hör mal zu mein freund ja!?
ahahany way: it's funny and it's interesting and it's krautnoise: die ausläufer langanhaltender hendrixverleiserer turning into neue (though it was never 'new') deutsche welle krachwithwound comediy and not come. dassschwierig unteinfach. when die susanne der kultur niedlich staight worphen auch schatten laahhnge zwetschgen. ooooooooom dooomfg: thissy will do ownyou inner ruznt:

01 - outrage - i think of you
02 - psychedelic kraut disharmonikers - immer lächeln
03 - paavo nurmi - denke denke
04 - wendelin greiner zompanü - geiti lem
05 - rudi rabs balla balla - heut abend spielt franz-josef strauss

ernieway: except for rudi rabs balla balla even discogs offers no additional information on any of theses bands. but at least i found out that gerald manns sang and played bass with outrage from 1980 to 1982, that  two tracks by the psychedelic kraut disharmonikers were supposed to be released on a compilation in 2006, that paavo nurmi of course is not paavo nurmi and that wendelin greiner is mentioned on facebook if you look close enough. not too much for almost thirty years.

so take a deep breath, download the remains and relics: and enjoy:

hör mal zu mein freund ja!?
(30 mb / mp3 / 320 kbps / scans included / direct download)

oh, und hier ist übrigens was mein freund david dufour, auch einer vom sturclub, zu dem ganzen kram zu sagen hatte:

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