jimi hendrix - message to love (twenty versions: live and rehearsal room recordings and odds on end)

twenty messages to love found in my record collection: live recordings, rehearsal studio tapes, broken down versions, sketches and odds on end. jimi hendrix recorded these versions of message to love in 1969 and 1970 with the band of gypsys featuring billy cox on bass and buddy miles on drums or with cry of love with billy cox and mitch mitchell, but you will be hearing noel redding as well as yuma sultan and others.

01 - 1969-02-22 (jimi hendrix solo at the olympic studio in london)
02 - 1969-02-24 (noel redding, mitch mitchell and jimi hendrix, soundcheck at the royal albert hall in london)
03 - 1969-08-?? (credited as 'message of love', probably recorded in a rented house in shokan/ny with billy cox, mitch mitchell, larry lee on additional guitar and jerry velez and juma sultan on percussion)

04/05/06 - 1969-09-24 (jimi hendrix, mitch mitchell and yuma sultan in rehearsal at the record plant in new york)

tracks 07 to 16 are the band of gypsys with jimi hendrix, billy cox and buddy miles rehearsing at beggy's studio in new york on the 18th and 19th of december 1969:
07 - takes 1 and 2
09 - take 4
10 - take 5
11 - take 6
12 - take 7
13 - take 8
14 - take 9
15 - unnumbered take
16 - unnumbered take

17 - 1970-05-08 (jimi hendrix, billy cox and mitch mitchell as cry of love: live at the university of oklahoma field house)
18 - 1970-05-30 (with mitch mitchell, afternoon rehearsal at the berkely community theatre)
19 - 1970-07-17 (jimi hendrix, billy cox and mitch mitchell as cry of love: live at 'new york pop' at the downing stadium in new york)
20 - 1970-08-31 (live at the isle of wight festival)

it was fun to compile, i hope you will enjoy.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download)


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Thank you amigo!!

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Plain wonderful and a great selection of / example for the (d)evolution of a good song in the hands of a genius, Spurenman! I'll recommend that section to the visitors of the great Willard - if you don't mind! The Chairman

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Been really enjoying this.