the denims - do the adler sock! 1965 rammrotz punk!

the bad, very bad, fair, worne condition of this record is part of the concept: you will hear noise and noise and noise: 1965 punk noise meeting up with 2014 digital noise and it's noise: please enjoy! the ohio denims released five or six singles in 1965 and 1966, this was their second. the a-side of 'the adler sock' was rereleased on some of these 60s-rarestunes-coumpilation-serieses but the b-side remained unreleased until now as far as i know. for your listening pleasure i folded the a- and b-side into one long track as the denims would have liked it.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / linke maustaste zum anhören / rechte maustaste zum speichern / und wenn ihr speichert: vergesst die bilder nicht! - click left to listen, click right to download, don't forget to download the pictures!)


michael vee said...

Adler sock was comped on High in the Mid Sixties, Vol. 9, Ohio, tho' the band was actually from NY


michael vee said...

and you're right, the flip (which bears the same title) is uncomped! thx for sharing!