nauseous industrial noise: the worst of monte cazazza featuring throbbing gristle

why don't you just love and hate him? monte cazazza, the motherfnording catalighter, might still be alive or not: in the mid70s of the last century he was a rather influential background figure on what he claimed to be called 'industrial music', his wayovertheborderline-insanity-outbreaks were thinly disguised as art events and at least he was the guy who taught throbbing gristle how to harm people. monte cazazza was a hell of an asshole in those days and way beyond all those artsyfartsy old school industrial shockwaves like nurse with wound, sutcliffe jugend or whitehouse.
later on in 1990 the grey area of mute commissioned the overmost-underrated lustmord to create a compilation of some rare and unreleased work of monte cazazza as a 'worst of' for industrial people. and this what you can get here: 18 tracks of nauseous noise incorporterating and inducing sounds and love from throbbing gristle, brion gysin, bart alberti, chris warden, tana emmolo smith, bond bergland and many others, all recorded between 1978 and 1986, though same undated tracks might reach way back to 1975.
currently the german amazon is offering this cd for more than 600 euro, though the prices on discogs seem to fit in a little bit more realistic with (y)our socalled socold reality. and before you go and buy the cd as an art object, what it is of course, you can listen to the music right here, my dearsets.

(mp3 / all scans and more included / direct download)

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the saucer people said...

Npw that Genesis is becoming a 'legitimate' elder statesmen arts figure in the USA (it seems to simply be a matter of longevity and who is left standing a la Burroughs and Ginsberg - first they want to jail you, then they want to pin awards on you) and Boyd Rice gets an entire documentary to himself (which is very good it has to be said) - Monte Cazazza is about the only one left from the late seventies Industrial 'epoch' who still has that strange aura of obscurity and mystery around him (well, he did coin the term after all)

Loved the German Amazon screenshot - 602,63 Euros! - kinda fitting in a way I could not begin to describe, especially as a copy can be picked up at Discogs for thirteen quid (I love it when the automatic pricing bots go ga-ga-crazy!).

It's interesting that the Grey Area have not reissued it yet ( when they got to the 'C's, they seem to have gone from Cabaret Voltaire to Can and forgot they had a Cazazza in their back catalogue).

Excellent, I think I managed to finally rid my brain of the 'Mary Bell, Mary Bell, Child of Hell, Child of Hell' rhyming couplet sometime around the mid-nineties when I sold all my vinyl (which obviously included the Something For Nobody 7 inch) - never did I imagine it would be back, looping around and around again like the most intense parts of an Ibogaine trip - so thanks for the anamnesis on that one!