R.E.M. in the year 2525 / the cover versions / velvet underground, aerosmith, golden earring, rolling stones, buddy holly, the byrds, creedence clearwater revival, audrey hepburn, television, the syndicate of sound and R.E.M.

this seems to be a rather rare record by R.E.M. and i thought you might like to want to sing along with it as it is featuring 22 songs you all love and know by heart. it was released in 1991 on the obscure 'great live records' label as GLR 9109, though it is not listed in their discography. on the world wide web i could only find some minimal proof that this cd really does exist, but nobody seems to have any additional information to those that can be found on the cover.
the rather restrained linernotes just let you know that these recordings have been captured live in concert somewhere and sometimes between 1981 and 1990, and that they obviously have been compiled from sources like observation records, living legend records, rock solid, ironic records, skeleton songs and three cool cats. now you know. the font of the track list is a dark gold on dark blue and refuses to be scanned and reproduced in a half-decent and half bearable way; but i tried my very best.

so this is what you are going to hear:

01 - there she goes again (velvet underground)
02 - in the year 2525 (zager and evans)
03 - eight miles high (the byrds)
04 - have you ever seen the rain (creedence clearwater revival)
05 - what's new, pussycat (tom jones)
06 - radar love (golden earring)
07 - gloria (them etc)
08 - rave on (buddy holly)
09 - pale blue eyes (velvet underground)
10 - do you wanna be a rock and roll star (the byrds) (sic!)
11 - moon river (audrey hepburn)
12 - paint it black (rolling stones)
13 - california dreamin' (the mamas and papas)
14 - femme fatal (velvet underground) (sic!)
15 - toys in the attic (aerosmith)
16 - see no evil (television)
17 - hey little girl (syndicate of sound)
18 - the lion sleeps tonight (the tokens)
19 - behind closed doors (charlie rich)
20 - fall on me (R.E.M.)
21 - smokin' in the boys room (brownsville station)
22 - sweet home alabama (lynyrd skynyrd)

(mp3 / bad scans included / direct download)


Gummo said...

Weird, NEVER heard of this.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Looks like a good listen.

Anonymous said...

VERY much appreciated!