falstaff from chicagoillinoise: post-experimental postpost-punk, handcrafted in 1994

i found this cd in a stuttgart junk shop for some 50 cent and i loved it without having heard a single note: the cover is a rubberstamped beer coaster with the name of the band on one side and the tracklist on the other. no additional information is given, except for the fact that the cd was released by specimen products in chicago, though on their current website they don't give a clue or a damn. 
the name of the band of course is falstaff (that's why they are using a beer mat as a cover) and according to discogs it was recorded and released in 1994 by ian schneller (guitar, vocals), mitch straeffer (bass, vocals) and tom jurek on drums. and once again according to discogs this cd is 'long out-of-print and near impossible to find'; so there you go.
and as the headline betokens, the music is some post-experimental, postpost-punk, postpostpost-country illinoise, very relaxed deadheads on canned beer who hEaRd it all and are appsoulutely not in need to prove annythink, my i-deer lumploads. so just addventure counterinsunkoumeley allonegh wirth there plumderrick sounderings.

(mp3 / scans included / direct download)

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Todd said...

I think that, for the record (no pun intended) it should be noted that Ian Schneller was, prior to Falstaff, a member of the legendary Shrimp Boat. And Shrimp Boat is the band that also spawned the career of Sam Prekop, who went on to form The Sea and Cake, as Schneller did his Falstaff thing.
There is a second Falstaff album out there (Falstaff 2), not as hard to find, and also not quite as good. But, sadly, Schneller is no longer making (or at least releasing) music anymore. Just building super cool and very expensive guitars.