dieter roth: this is schrott not trash, this is fluxus not art, this is quatsch against nam june paik in 1979

in 1977 the korean-bourne american artist nam june paik released 'my jubilee ist unverhemmet', a onesided 12''-record  in a limited one-off edition of 100 copies, handnumbered and signed by the artist, including his fluxus-version of some arnold schoenberg music that he had longed for so long and that he hated immediately the very moment he listened to it the first time as 'wagnerian quatsch'. at least he says so in the linernotes. the german fluxus-artist dieter roth, a great fan of both schoenberg and wagner, longed a long time to hear paik's version of the music he loved and instantely hated it the very first moment he go to hear it. this here record is an anomailious skit of paik's record, paradoing the cover as well ass the liners and the music. 
'thy quatsch est min castello' (your quatsch is my home) is a onesided 7''-record that dieter roth released in his own publishing house in stuttgart in 1979 as a limited one-off edition of 300 copies, handnumbered and unsigned by the artist. my copy is #290, i found it in the heritage of the stuttgart fluxus-artist albrecht/d. who was a good friend of both of the coumbattants. 
so paik was disappointed by schoenberg, roth was disappointed by paik, and i was aiwass dissappointed by roth: the music is absolutely pointless (haha!), though i like it as the result of a cheap thrilling dialectical kindergarten countrarinass. the music, by the way, sounds as good or ugly or not both on 45 or 33 rounds per minute, so you can listen to both versions in one file directly.

(mp3; click left to listen directly, click right to download; and don't forget to save the pictures as they are not included)

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