kickbit information / bitkicks / hi_nrg kraut improvisation 1975

this was a bloody hippie attitude with a punk impact, very loud, untoward and absolutely improperly: these kraut-hooligans occupied an old schoolhouse in the backwoods of northwestgermany (though they paid the rent dead on time) rather close to where i was living back in those days in 1975, and i saw them twice when i was seventeen. their music fit perfectly with all the other strange music we were listening to, like gong, soft machine, kevin ayers, NEU! and the new york dolls.
kickbit information were uli trepte (ex-guru-guru), carsten bohn (ex-frumpy), willi pape (ex-thirsty-moon) with otto richter and fritz hegi, who came from nowhere and went straight back there. in this old schoolhouse in graue near asendorf they lived together like proto-hippies and they beat out some loud i-don't-care-noise like proto-punks; they were oh so wonderful and they couldn't even care less.
they recorded these three tracks (and as far as we know these recordings are the only recordings that have survived) on the 22nd of february in 1975 in their rehearsal room in graue. and only a few weeks later and then again on friday the 13th of june i saw them playing in the federal state theatre in verden/aller, in a crowd that included all the northwestgerman avantgarde kids who later on were seen in bands like kastrierte philosophen, headbangers, liquidipur, zimt and the 39 clocks. yes, they we were all there in 1975.
so there. three tracks, 52 minutes, that is all that survived. and it is great. go!
(by the way: you can find some additional information on discogs; and i added all of my scans to their library, of course)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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Horst Barracuda said...

Vielen herzlichen Dank hierfür! Bin ein paar Jahre nach deiner Begebenheit geboren und habe Carsten Bohn durch die Soundtracks für Die drei Fragezeichen & Co schätzen gelernt, bis heute. Die Story mit der Wohnung ist lustig, so landete er dem Vernehmen nach auf den besagten Kinderkassetten, denn sein Vermieter war wohl der Mann der damaligen Regisseurin, und so wurde die Miete in Soundtracks beglichen. Das Ende vom Lied: Eine ganze Generation infiziert von Prog/Fusion/etc. Für mich immer noch der Goldstandard für "Cocktail Fusion", will es mal so nennen.