contact high with metabolismus: the stuttgart lourdes of psychodelerick musings play the songs of the godz

good evening, we are the godz, and i hope it stops raining. no, seriouslay, you all know the godz, the real godz, the esp-godz, and i hope it stops raining. no, listen, there is that german band that loves the godz as much as yoodoo, right? those psychoredererelick guys from stuttgart doo right with the godz, and no boredy even cared, and that is what i love, and you know it. 
in 1994 the stuttgart drugdragdriggety queens metabolismus drove their love for the godz all too far and realized and released a cassettetape weith all their coverversions of the godz that they had recorded until then from 1985 on allthrough to 1994: contact high with metabolismuz was heavienly ignored by the public, as was most of their ouevreyourbox, but you kant ignore it annie furtheringale, bear leave me.
so listen to what you can see and see what you can you get: this is all too beautiful: bee deedee-arranged and endenerrraged with metabolismus and the godz, sylliablevoodooplay!

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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