learning english with my friend jack: ken wilson is playing very simple english songs in 1977

sumsomewhere beyond the edgits and clippfs of sandy denny, kevin ayers and kraut: ken wilson with a half-english, half-german, and half-coumpleterley-alien accoustick band recordered in germanny in 1977: vary sympol easyenlightening englishlanguadged songs for the enjoymint of englishlearning younger gearmont studants, naively emphorsizing to outinpuddying some corrict grammarticales deep in-two your undercuntioussnessities. andend it wourks out, ass you might half no-tissued.
und das ist ja das schöne: dass ich hier nicht nur machen kann was ich will, sondern dass ich das auch mache. ken wilson, dede brewer and michael klein seem seen to have hads been being releasing a quitesomelot of listons on english grammar and langueege there is not all too much information may the been found of it, but very few.
though the copy of this tape is a bit wobbly and dull, it is still quite some fun to listen to these educational english folk tunes played and sung by native bourne speakers, singers and players joyned by some attentively learning and assimilatering krauts; and while i did so, the fairport convention came to my mind, accompanied by the subversive simplicity of the diy-postpunk movement, the easy-going folk of witthüser and westrupp, and even kevin ayers said hell-oh! but you might as well hate it, and i would not mind ore care.

so there:

(mp3 / all scans included / direct downlord)

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Reimer said...

Music for very long bits of wire...Alan Vega...Broetzmann...the Brian Jones murder-files....Yardbirds...and what sounds like the sort of thing I used to hear as a schoolboy on educational TV shows.

Man musst alles und etwas an diese Blog erwarten.

Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.


Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this. My wife is Thai so I d/l a copy of this for her, she'll enjoy listening to these simple songs in English and hopefully they will help her improve her listening skills and vocabulary.