ron asheton: the 1976 demos with the new order, plus some more

do i love the stooges? hellfuckyes, i do; even more than jesus loves the stooges. when they kind of split up and off in 1974, iggy pop teamed up with james williamson for some new adventures, and ron asheton went off into the wild to form the new order with dennis thompson on drums, jimmy recca on bass, scott thurston on keyboards, and jeff spry on vocals. having recorded some demos in 1975, thurston and spry left for good or gold, ray gunn joined them as a guitar player and dave gilbert from the amboy dukes snapped the microphone. these guys in 1976 recorded the eight demos you are about to be hearing right now.
this-here cd version of victim of circumstance has four of the tracks that new order recorded in 1975 (and released as the album declaration of war) added as bonus tracks. for your listening pleasure i added some of the well-known 1981 live recordings that ron asheton executed in 1981 with the new race, including of course loose (faded out on the original release; by no means by me) and descent into the maelström, the two songs that were omitted from the vinyl-version of the new race masterpiece. you can hear ron asheton on guitar, warwick gilbert on bass, deniz tek on guitar, dennis thompson on drums, and rob younger on leadvocals. you know them all, don't you!!!
so this is what you want, and this is what you get:

new order mark 2; 1976
01 - victim of circumstance
02 - sold for cash girl
03 - sex drive
04 - 1975 no taboos
05 - never be the same again
06 - can't quit yer (listen directly in your browser)
07 - sidewinder
08 - hit and run

new order mark 1; 1975
09 - lucky strike
10 - declaration of war (listen directly in your browser)
11 - hollywood holliday
12 - sidewinder

new race; live 1981
14 - descent into the maelström
15 - sad tv
16 - alone in the endzone
17 - breaks my heart
18 - columbia
19 - looking at you
20 - crying sun

(mp3; all scans and the complete booklet included; direct download)


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