albrecht/d. in as a fluxus live performance on the königstrasse in stuttgart in 1979

on sunday the 30th of september 1979 the stuttgart postfluxus artist albrecht/d. and some of his friends conquered and occupied the stuttgart mainflaneurandshopping road the königstrasse in the city in the centre of stuttgart to perform an educational afternoon of fluxus lessons and live actions inspired by yoko ono, vostell, paik, ben vautier and all the other beuys and girls, and nobody really cared. having survived two years of cheap punk imitation by very cheap stuttgart punk imitators, the stuttgart passersby acted and reacted rather coumplaysatantley to these halfhearted fluxus imitations. it was a rather relaxed situation with some strange music (but better rehearsed than the usual buskers, anyway) and some loudmouthed announcemints you can find even more annoying on any farmer's market on tuesdays. so what you can hear is more like a laid-back and unstressed version of a swan song than some hysterical behaviour in honour of the provocation that fluxus once way back in the sixties tried to be. and besides, we don't hve the slightest clue, idea or evidence who acted or performed or at least was around or close to this event. but anyway this was art with a big A and a big R and a big T, and the audience some 40 years later on gets treated as if it reALLy happened; but at least it's boring old art, and it smells funny, but i like it, like it, yes i do.

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