BEATLEMANIA n.UR-Kult hannover 1995: 34 german underground bands playing 59 songs by the beatles

from 1992 to 2002 the n.UR-Kult label was the armed wing of the hannover independent youth culture project silke arp bricht; in those ten years they released about 70 records, tapes, videos and cds by a great variety of underground bands including klaus beyer, eugene chadbourne, gott, krone der gastlichkeit, nikki sudden, harald 'sack' ziegler and many others. most of these have sold out long since, but you can still explore their backcatalogue

in 1995 they gathered together most of their friends and relatives, portioned them into 34 bands and projects, and forced them to record 59 very different versions of some songs made famous by the beatles; some versions are rather annoying, some are wonderful, and all of them are very interesting for every serious beatles collector at least. those 59 songs were released on two c-60 cassette tapes that are very hard to find these days. to keep the look-and-feel of the tape release i decided not to separate the 59 tracks but to share four tracks of half an hour each as they could have been heard on the tapes.

tape 1

side 1
listen to gott and harald 'sack' ziegler directly in your browser

side 2
listen to milford T. directly in your browser

tape 2

side 3
listen to die tüte der marie directly in your browser

side 4
listen to DUGU4 directly in your browser

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


Anonymous said...

This looks amazing. Might anyone have this with the tracks split or know how to split tracks once downloaded? Thanks .

rvd said...

you can use goldwave, audacity or mp3DirectCut for example to split the tracks.

all the best