pogo of the halfdead: hüsker dü live in bochum 1987; what's going on?

hüsker dü? do you remember? no, you don't, do you? and noboredy knows where to find bochum on a map. but that's alright, mama. on the 6th of september or on the 9th of june 1987 hüsker dü were there in the forgotten and dark-shadowed city of bochum lost deep in the dark woods of germany; and they executed a very fine performance, gute güte. thanks go out to the bootleggers in the audience, who recorded this very fine concert and released it on vinyl; but pondering silence shall rule on and about the quality of this recording.
in 1988 this longplayer was released, and it had it all wrong: the cover was boring, and the tracklist was coumpletely crap and had nothing to do with the music. but anyway, some discogs-maniacs figured out the correct order of tracks, and so here we go. you can listen to both sides of the record seamlesslay in one rutsch each. please note: there is no .zip or .rar download, just the music as mp3; so you have to save the pictures as separate files if you need them.

side one:
these important years
charity, chastity, prudence and hope
standing in the rain
back from somewhere
ice cold ice
you're a soldier

side two:
could you be the one?    
the girl who lives on heaven hill    
terms of psychic warfare    
bed of nails    
green eyes    
what's going on?

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