inga rumpf and dagmar krause sounding out the abysses of the german kraut underground as the i.d.company in 1970 (plus some bonus tracks as usual)

both inga rumpf and dagmar krause had been members of the german folk unit city preachers since something like 1965, both had reached out for other musical genres like schlagerschmalz and brechtweillcabaret, and in 1970 both experienced a transitioning period of searching new directions, that later on pretty soon would lead inga to some heavyheavy bluesrock excursions with frumpy, and would lead dagmar to some filigrimprovisation with bands like slap happy and henry cow.

in 1970 though them both teamed up with some german bluesjazzjameslast mercenaries, told them to be free, and let them noise out whatever they wanted: inga rumpf caused them to flow away on some psychedeleric krautblues, while dagmar led them into the abyss of free improvisation and raw sound. the album was released in 1970 on the veryxperimental black label of the german tv program guide magazine hör zu to accompany exclusive releases of xenakis, stockhausen, john coltrane, soft machine or erik satie, and they fit in perfectly.

so side one of the album i.d.company featured inga rumpf deconstructing the blues with the following titles:

01 - bhagavad gita
02 - bum-bum
03 - i watched the women (listen directly in your browser)

and side two of the album featured dagmar krause with four featheryxperimental tracks that opened some new ears:

04 - he's out now
05 - dünne, gläserne frauen (listen directly in your browser)
06 - schneeweisse hände
07 - schwarzes insekt

in 1970 this collection of contradictory tracks was rather disturbing, so only ver few people cared about these sounds or even bought the record. but i did. but ernieway for your listening pleasure i am sharing the germanofon bootleg version rather than my worn out copy of the record with you. and as the album is just 34 minutes way too short i added some bonus tracks:

in 1967 inga rumpf aka inga sang a german version of the beat goes on, backed with a hunting original, pre-punking all that punk:

08 - inga - the beat goes on
09 - inga - dein spiel ist endlich aus (listen directly in your browser)

and appreciating the more askew ambitions of dagmar krause i added the coumplete version of a composition konrad boehmer realized in 1984 with her and phil minton, wim vos, jan hendriks and many others for the dutch bv haast records label.

10 - apocalipsis cum figuris

so this all together makes a very nice 79-minute-cd; so go and get it, baby!

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


zigzagwanderer said...

Thanks , looks interesting ....

Anonymous said...

There's a somewhat better sounding version of the I.D. Company album over on the C_C_R_ blog. Yes this is a rare LP, and one of the unknown classics of early Krautrock. Inga's vocals are as always amazing and the psychedelic haze on her tracks is tangible. Dagmar goes for the "beyond weird" approach and succeeds. Thanks for the Konrad Boehmer track especially, it's very entertaining and much like 37 minutes of early Faust!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bum Bum is a really decent psych track. Thanks

Anonymous said...

ein toller blog,
super scheiben.
besonders gefallen mir die Kraut pandemonium, leider fehlen viele - gibts da ein möglichkeit???
und auch die elecktic loosers?