you have all forgotten basque! maryasque and brandt playing some very nice new york lofillbientpostfolk mixed up with cosmic jazz at the turn of the century

this is just and only and nothing but bass and voice, enraptured and lost in reverie some twenty years ago, and fallen off the edges of any time when the tides provided to turn in any other direction. these are dark and obscured dreams lost in the fevers of ludicrously hectiness. you may find their records in any bargain bin for 99 cent, or you may find them not at all.

maryasque and brandt aka basque did not leave too many traces: their very own label lacqua records did never release any other band than basque, and their homepage basquemusic.com has vainished in the haze ever since. unfourtunateley i am only owning two of their three albums, but i'm happy to share them with you in one big file.

so here we go for their third album radiate that they had released in the year 2000:

01 - wool and water - 5:03
02 - mariposa - 5:40
03 - chaos - 6:01
04 - thunder - 3:01 (listen directly in your browser)
05 - make me speak - 6:45
06 - stullerup - 2:58
07 - ages a whip - 2:00
08 - aboriginal lullaby (for sue and tess) - 6:42
09 - the beggars would ride - 1:27 (listen directly in your browser)
10 - the river is flowing (for delphine + the celtic fringe) - 6:34
11 - time and tide wait for no man - 6:07

and as wonderful as radiate was, their eponymous first album was as wonderful as well: 

12 - ave maria - 1:39
13 - 100 degrees - 4:57
14 - swollen stranger - 3:57
15 - let all mortal flesh keep silence - 3:31 (listen directly in your browser)
16 - twilight - 5:03
17 - the mountain song - 3:14
18 - woman in the room - 1:58
19 - jab - 2:26

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)


Foolishboy said...

I was just thinking of Basque today and decided to look them up and wasn't able to find anything, so I was hoping your post would have some information about where they are now. :)
If you find anything out, update your post, I'd be interested!

cw said...

I have the third, and last, album if you want. It's their best IMHO

cw said...

I have their third, and last, album if you want.

cw said...

I know that Maryasque released a few solo pieces years ago that can be found out on the interweb, and that Brandt is a yoga therapist in the New England area.