hiroshi metallic: some düsseldorfkölnbonn postkraut free improvisation recorded wayback in 2002, plus some bonus tracks

hiroshi metallic was a performing unit of artists and musicians that in the early years of the 21st century could be found in almost every art gallery, concert club, living room or recording studio way down the rhine in the area of cologne, bonn and düsseldorf executing their very special approach to free improvised music. today we will take a listen to their second album hiroshi metallic II that was released on the düsseldorf no time music label some time around 2002 as a limited edition on a cd-r with colourprinted (and fading out) cover. if there ever was a first or third album remains completely obscured by krauts.
hiroshi metallic for this release were MIK 999 on vocals, stefanie blau on vocals, karin johnson on vocals, avar lasim on trumpet, flügelhorn and oboe, tom swinehart on electronics, gunnar on didgeridoo, michael hauck on guitar and providing samples, gisbert schürig on guitars, jörg mierke on bass and guitar, and marc on drums, tablas and bass. only very few information about this band can be found on the web, but the few things i found out i am sharing with you, either in the links above, or in the fact that i am substituting some of the cryptic names on the cover with the real names.
for your listening pleasure here is the complete album hiroshi metallic II exactly as my friend ar/gee gleim of the düsseldorf no time gallery sent to me in 2003, plus some bonus tracks:

01 - intro
02 - rasa mu
03 - inner pyrami
04 - bong dong gong
06 - bluecifer
07 - mind swank
08 - limon
10 - inner pyrami
11 - pow tow
12 - oco
13 - weck mich bitte um 2
14 - ninga ninga ninganonu (listen directly in your browser)
15 - noshca II
16 - 7182427359
17 - noshca I
18 - summerrace
19 - monsieur swinehart

and the bonus tracks:

20 - visual noise (agata schubert and michael hauck; found on wirre klarheit)

21 - kult 41-1
22 - kult 41-2
24 - kult 41-4
(hiroshi metallic live at the kult 41 club in bonn on the 1st of february 2002; found on image is violence!

25 - MIK 999 live with embryo on the 30th of june 2002 at the naturtheater hayingen (found on image is violence!)

26 - gisbert schürig - apocalyptic comfort (2014; found on soundcloud)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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