slapshot and the beatboys: ambitious german powderpop found in the refuse bin of the stuttgart employment agency


while rummaging through the garbage cans of the stuttgart employment agency (as i do rather often, of course) i stumbled over some thirteen baker's dozen of demo-cds that southwestgerman bands and artists ceded to the musicians and artists' department of the stuttgart employment agency hoping to get some jobs at some company celebrations, christmas parties, on a cruiser liner or in an amusement park. obviously for one reason or an other the demo recordings were not necessarily needed any longer, and i am very glad i saved them from becoming plastic waste in the ocean.

for today i choose the beatboys from ludwigsburg and slapshot from niddatal in the state of hesse. the beatboys at least left some traces on the internet and even on discogs, while slapshot did not. but anyway, i am giving you all the information the information the sound carriers are offering, and leave it up to you to find out more. i gathered both cds into one big file  that most cd-burn-programs should be able to stuff onto one cd-r clocking in at veryvery short under 80 minutes. have fun.

the attraction and charm of these recordings of course is their idiosyncratic use of the english language, radicilous and enlightering.

so let's start with the beatboys from 2007:

01 - great balls of fire
02 - don't be cruel
03 - wooly bully (listen directly)
04 - under the boardwalk
05 - don't ha!ha!
06 - bus stop
07 - california sun (listen directly)
08 - nights in white satin
09 - who put the bomp
10 - glad all over
11 - rock'n'roll is king
12 - do you love me (listen directly)
13 - my back pages
14 - papa oom mow mow
15 - you really got me (listen directly)
16 - hey jude


and second of all we got slapshot from 2001:

(01) 17 - staying alive
(02) 18 - what's love got to do with it
(03) 19 - mama told me not to come
(04) 20 - bad moon rising (listen directly)
(05) 21 - welcome to heartlight
(06) 22 - kung fu fighting
(07) 23 - nur geträumt (listen directly)
(08) 24 - volle lotte
(09) 25 - slapshot-opener

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)

26 - and as a web-only bonus track i included the beatboys version of wig-wam bam they recorded for the kreissparkasse ludwigsburg in 2013. (listen directly)

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