mourmansk150 & daruin - unconscious martyrdom 1999 (plus the limited edition bonus disc mourmansk150 vs daruin)

at first sigh (!) this may seem rather coumplicated, but in the entitt's not. this is unconscious martyrdom, a splintered and burnt cd-r on the japanese NEUS-318 label featuring the frensh artist mourmansk 150 (or rather mourmansk150 without the blank sometimes) and the japanease artist daruin, both well known for their very harsh noise/notnoise, accompanied by a rather limited accoumpanicking cd-r that allcompadenied the first onehundred copies of unconscious martyrdom.

as discogs can tell you the unconscious martyrdom was released in 1999 and featured four tracks each of both of the artists ass follows:

mourmansk 150 
01 - ultimate pardoxes
02 - evidence for a crime
03 - threatening oppressors (listen directly)
04 - obscene or ridiculous

05 - for unsnob
06 - gray junk water (listen directly)
07 - unsound saver
08 - mr. ben in kowloon

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download) 




what discogs and all the people eagerly looking for this release do not know is the fact that it was orcampinneed by the cd-r called mourmansk150 vs daruin in a limited edition of 100 copies featuring some reremixes and addintional noise, once again eight tracks splattered intwo fourfor each off the artrists; butt now you know, and you can listen to it right=hear:

01 - daruin - burn water
02 - m150 - oto
03 - daruin - burn fire (listen directly)
04 - m150 - voice for lamtin (harsh)
05 - daruin - burn wind
06 - m150 - voice for lamtin (low voice) (listen directly)
07 - daruin - burn earth
08 - m150 - h-ash-can no2

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)