enjoy a throbbing gristle with your pets and children: chris carter in the space between

and though this is the man from throbbing gristle (though not THE man nor the NOman nor the woMAN from throbbing gristle but at least the man married to the WOman of throbbing gristle) when this tape was released on industrial records in 1980 no=body seamed to rely=care aboutitt. it is beautiful and wonderbra and a real shock away from the shockshock of throbbing gristle.
in the meanmeantime and just because noboreday really cared or even bought the tape the original c-90 has become incredival rare; in 1991 chris carter revisited thee/hiss recordings to shrink them to fit on a 76-minute-cd to be released on the grey area, and ass nobbody again did not care alltoomuch even this rerelease got lost and expenisive in the process of growing old.

unfourtunalately you won't get to hear the recordings lost on the c-90 tape unless you sell your car, your house and your fistborne son you may at least listen to my copy of thee revisited version in this=hear=my=blog and you will download and enjoy it or die.

so here we go=go!

01 - BEAT (listen directly)
07 - POPTONE (listen directly)
08 - SLOMO
12 - MAYBE (listen directly)
13 - SNAP
14 - INTERLOOP (listen directly)
and that's it for now.

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

addendum et postscriptum:

as mentioned above chris carter revisited the 1980 c-90-tape in 1991 to remix, remodel and rename the original tracks; in this process he omitted at least two tracks to create a coumpletely new 76-minute-cd. only a few days after this=here post was published our fellow blogger rex sent me two tracks he found on his version of the tape, as you can read in the comments below. he named them track 01 (3:14) and track 03 (13:33), and confusingly they do not seem to fit into any of the tracklists i found on discogs, but anyway, they are a very welcome addition to the material found on the cd. thank you so much, rex.



rex said...

here are the two cuts left off the cd, both untitled on the cassette.


rvd said...

hi rex, thank you so much for the additional tracks. as the we-transfer-code will expire in a few days i will then be going to publish the two songs as bonustracks in this=here blogpost, if you do not mind. thank you again, all the best, stay safe. rvd

rex said...

Please, go ahead, that's why I sent them!

Anonymous said...

THANKS FOR THE DETAILED PICTURES OF THE GRAPHICS! I had the songs but never seen the cover art.
My best hopes for next year.

Anonymous said...

This is real good elektronic music thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just downloaded a crap-load of tracks -
all of which have NO metadata. What a waste of time.
Just a little time could have been taken to
actually put artist and title info. Holy shit.

rvd said...

dear anonymous, you may take it or leave it. thank you.