1977 in an irish pub: the duggie briggs band rants about the punk-rockin' granny!

hoooweellll it's pub and punk and 1977 and all of a sudden and it's irish and kinderkram and loud and snotty and a-pink and a-punk and a-püke and it's loud and snotty and i said it all before: this is not not but but you all know it is: the duggie briggs band all hailing to the punk-rocking granny and the flasher and the flasher that is!
and hear we go: mister ab.normal sings, derekclaptout is on guitars, leonard skeye bored plays the kickboards, on bass we got cul.e.backeye and we had the dirty mack in the corner on drums of course: the duggie briggs band and nobody knows if they really happened.
so that's i for now: two tracks from the duggie briggs band, mp3directeleye-wazzover, and the pictures can be rightclickandsaved directly from this=here blog. gopher it!

(direct listening or download / nothing is included / contort your beautiful fucking selfies!)

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