DIE RAUREITER - STUTTGART 1983 - SNOURT ON YOU! (free improvized punk)

yeah it was the 25th of september 1983 and die raureiter were born and died the same day they were born the same day: die raureiter were MLK on drums (martin luther kong, the mixx desktopp wizzard of zimt and autofick fame), oliver neitzel on guitars (guitars with the late late autofick and guitars with die sache later on) and siemers aka van daale was singing or whatever or what ever he did. the threesome met in their there theyre rehearsal room in leonberg and layered down some 30 minutes of unexpectered unrehearsed noise: free improvized punk, loud and completeley unheard what you never heart before. you never heard surfmusic before.
very short, very shout! die raureiter concumulate the identifiears of punk in their own cooumtrreadicrtion: you would never, can you??! and herei t comes agaihn fou5r the first ti,mer! und der gantze krasch ist fast=freimprovisiert: wenn du willtst ist hier was von den raureuirtern direkt laut zu hören, ansonsten ist der downloag für das gesamtwerk wmpfwehlerich; und der istz=hier. egal

listen to these tracks and download these tracxks aftowards and listen to siemers and neitzel and MLK and download or die right now!!

01 - stellarhate
02 - all night long
03 - interim
04 - harday (listen directly in your browser)
05 - bird
06 - moisic (listen directly in your browser)
07 - buzz
08 - troy (listen directly in your browser)
09 - maedels
10 - drummon
11 - rrrr1 (listen directly in your browser)
12 - wunter
13 - maedl
14 - dam
15 - danz (listen directly in your browser)
16 - maxi
17 - sugar (listen directly in your browser)
18 - hatee

(320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)

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