a tiny little hot rod surf monster: greg mihran and grab a grizzly

nothing. absolutely nothing is known about this tiny little surf hot rod vocal monster. a onesided seven inch record for internal use only with absolutely no clue or hint when it was recorded or if it ever was released to the public. it sounds like an outtake of a very early beach boys session, but if you listen close enough there is some evidence that might point you to the assumption that it was recorded way back in the eighties of the last century, but never mind and never know.

searching the world wide webs i could only find the affirmation that the existence of this record is an established fact and that some people try to sell it for half a billion dollars. no reference, no sign, no direction. i decided to leave it at this point and to simply enjoy this little monster.

|>> greg mihran - grab a grizzly
(listen: left click / download: right click)


Sixtus said...

What a great piece of music. I'm dancing all around my livingroom.

Danke, mich hat's ehrlich gefreut! Nur besitze ich keine halbe Million Euro. So schade ;-)

Anonymous said...

I own a copy of this vinyl. My father worked for HP as a customer engineer and they gave it to him for promotional purpouse.

Anonymous said...

It's about computer...The HP3000/44.

The Series 44 was introduced in December of 1980 as the new high-performance member of the 3000 family. Code neamed "Grizzly"...
internally there was a promotional song written by Greg Mihran in the style of The Beachboys and called Grab a Grizzly, the lab name of the development.

rvd said...

thank you very much for all your additional information.

mangedisc.fr said...

you're welcome!Nice blog!(sorry for anonymous post;i was not log)

Stan Sieler said...

Greg Mihran, the author/singer, said around 2015:

Oh wow! I am very impressed that this YouTube video exists! Thanks for posting it :) This is my record - I am Greg Mihran (aka Greg Charles of A Nice Vibe). I wrote and recorded the master in my living room one summer during the 80's on a TEAC 4-track analog tape deck -- all voices and instruments are mine. I worked with a record company in Los Angeles to manufacture the 45 RPM vinyl on behalf of Hewlett-Packard. We made over 2,000 records (I think I still have a box of 100 in my garage).

At the time, I was the Product Manager for the HP 3000 Series 44, code-named internally as the 'Grizzly'. I was working for Nancy Valby, Product Marketing Manager, who impulsively funded the project after I shared the song on tape with her one day at work. It was ultimately distributed internally to employees during an international New Product Introduction Tour (NPT).

I composed the silly lyrics which refer to the features of the now-ancient computer and leveraged a tune inspired by the Beach Boys song '409'. It was meant to be Internal Only but I've received many messages from non-HP employees all over the world during the past 20 years asking about its origin and back-story. I've heard it's been played on radio stations, in dance clubs, and appeared in many other obscure outlets.

If you have any further questions, you can email gmihran at me dot com. I can't believe you posted this :) Ha.