ten minutes of softpsych protopostkraut boogie found on an eight-inch-acetate: i do not know who it is and when it was recorded. can you help us all?

strange: this is an acetate disc, probably recordable just one time. no year of recording or any other information can be found on the label or on the cover except for a telephone number and a note (name) reading something like "Maden." or "Madeu."

the music starts with a psychodeleric first strike but pretty soon it smoothes down to some sort of soft rock followed by a guitar solo and an even longer piano solo, very clean, very competent, like in the long versions of 'light my fire' but completely omitting the madness. after about eight minutes a kraut flute steps in and the end is marked by a kosmische organ sound, very obscure. i cut together side one and side two for a seamless experience of this strange platter. i guess it was recorded in 1972, but i can be proved completely wrong and everybody but me knows this is bruce springsteen or any other mediocre singer and songwriter. i hope you can help all of us.

(listen: click left / download: click right / and do not forget to save the picture)


Bill said...

Acetate was pretty good sounded like early 70's Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...


Maybe you can ask or send it to Steve and Alan Freeman: ultimathule shop, in Great- Britain.
They know absurd much about Krautrock and German music from the seventies.

Greetings. Nice blog!

Jan from the Netherlands

Jay Rudko said...

I wish I could help identify it, but it sounded very good. Definitely sounds like 70's, but couldn't say for sure.

23 Daves said...

Did we ever get to the bottom of this one? I'd really be keen to find out who this is!