the dream syndicate - it's too late to stop now (demos, radio broadcasts and live recordings 1984 - 1987)

this cd has become rather rare throughout the years, it is not even mentioned on their wikipedia-entry or on their new homepage, but every fan of john coltrane, free form rock and reflective dysfolk should have heard their music at least once in his/her life: the late dream syndicate with some demos, radio broadcasts and live recordings, starting in 1984 and terminating the mission with the last track of their last show in 1987.
in these years the dream syndicate were steve wynn (vocals, guitar), dennis duck (drums), mark walton (bass) and paul b. cutler (guitar); additional musicians on this album include karl precoda (guitar), dave provost (bass), robert lloyd (accordion, penny whistle, mandolin) and chris cavacas on keyboards.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / scans included / direct download)

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warinababylone said...

merci beaucoup !!!!!!!!!!
le seul que je n avais pas!