patti smith: the köln reading; reading some of her poems live in cologne in october 1977, and playing some guitar

yessir, patti smith, alone in cologne in october 1977, reading some of her poeTRY and playink some guitarnoises as a conclusion. this was recorded live at the veith turske gallery in cologne, and was released as a compactcassettetape in 1978 on the german s-press-tapelabel as number 73 in 1978. here she is with some rimbaud, some gloria and some electric prayer.
accoerding to discogs this is one of her mostthoughtafter items, and this-here edition seamus toobeeass even moore rare than the editions mentioned on discogs, with a cover coumpletely different to all the others, butt allwell documentatered in-here. well, wattsmourtwosayd?

so here we gogo with patti smith allallone reading

dream of rimbaud
seventh heaven
babel field
electric guitar noises

all together now in an anhalfanhour of your preciousprecious time; teakid orleafit. thank you for travelling with trancelove airwaves.

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Unknown said...

Thank you! To finally hear Patti the poet is something I thought would never happen.

zigzagwanderer said...

Thanks for posting such a rarity.

kingpossum said...

Mega thanks. Patti is one of the coolest people ever to walk this earth in my book, and it's great to hear her poetry here. May all your days be happy and healthful.

Anonymous said...

Here's some more (earlier) PSmith reading http://www.ubu.com/sound/smith.html