sixties rebellion: the garage and the barn: twentyeight 60spunk pebbles unearthed by hans kesteloo, the tübingen god of scoum teen trash noise in 1993

and yes, i love rudi protrudi and his big bigged girls he paintered for the cover art of sixties rebellion volumes one and two. and i love hans kesteloo, one of the mostmost evil assholes any collector of 60sgaragepunk has ever lived to experience. he was the owner of the rimpo record shop (and later on the owner of the music maniac label and the owner of this world's greatest collection of 60s-music) in the southwestgerman capitol of tübingen. in 1977 i sold all of my original troggs albums (first pressing, uk) to him for 30 deutschmarks each, and i knew he would sell them to those fanatic collectors in the usa for 120 dollar each; but anyway, i bought about a dozen of copies of the first edition of forming by the germs for 4,90 deutschmarks, and guess what i did?
since "punk" came true in 1976 (and only a few moths after the first release of lenny kaye's nuggets) there has been an unmanageable number of obscure and even more obscure compilations of obscure and even more obscure 60sgaragepunknoise from all over the world, and most of that stuff was unbelievable great or at least obscure and even more obscure; most of you will remember pebbles, scum of the earth, back from the grave and all the others. in 1993 hans kesteloo had the burning ambition to outcoumpile all of the prevenient coumpilers with a series of compilations that would only present songs no-one else had ever rererereleased before and that would not just pick up the oddments, but that would burn like hell. and with thee sixties rebellion series he succeedid, starting with sixties rebellion volumes one and two: none of these tracks had been rerererererreleased before, most of them were approved by the bands involved (missing only very few when no information could be found at all, but collecting their shares on a frozen account), and even bands like the 13th floor elevators sent him some unreleased stuff.
so this is what you want, and this is what you get:

01 - edges of wisdom - the past
02 - edges of wisdom - that lonely road
03 - the five canadians - don't tell me
04 - the flying circus - i'm going
05 - famen - crackin' up
06 - kir & the outlaws - midnight hour
07 - the 13th floor elevators - elevator jam (listen directly in your browser)
08 - the ex-cels - like a dream
09 - the escapades - she's the kind
10 - the fifth order - walkin' away
11 - the missing links - heartbreak hill
12 - the missing links - i cried goodbye
13 - the lyrics - mr. man
14 - the fugitives - you know she's a woman
15 - the destiny's children - the fall of the queen
16 - big sounds - go ahead and cry
17 - buccaneers - standin' in the shadow of your love
18 - the brother love congregation - she's gonna lose that boy
19 - the human situation - i got away
20 - the actioneers - it's you
21 - the actioneers - no one wants me
22 - the celtics - and she'll cry (listen directly in your browser)
23 - the fly-bi-nites - come on up (listen directly in your browser)
24 - the five canadians - goodnight
25 - the chaps - wait a minute
26 - pat farrell & the believers - gotta find her
27 - the fonograf four - don't throw stones
28 - the five - i don't care if it rains all night

i hope you'll like it, and i hope it stops raining. did i mention that rudi protrudi of the fuzztones did all of the artwork? yes, he did. and at least a little bit very few information on the bands involved can be found on discogs, forrasake orrnorhizom.

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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