the flying lizards / top ten / cd-version with bonus track / popopular awhammgad noyce / etc. / 1985

popopular they are indeep: eveverybody knows these songs and cun sing they altwogather: upon urge heads and lick them pickturdiss cum. end and ant you all know them protagonisterikers that make the musik go round: david cunningham, sally, steve beresford, john greaves, and monymony moore, ass you know from youtube or realife or whenever you're ready.
this here cd-version of the top ten is rather expencive becaused by the bonus11minutestrack, butthereare still sum poirples that hvenverheart the rest of the album, i.e. the album: so hears your changs to listum to the third album of the flying lizards beforeyougoandbuyit for 50 pounds on discox, and you gitt the bonustrack fourfree assa bonusdreck, thatzit!


01 - tutti frutti
02 - dizzy miss lizzie
03 - sex machine
04 - what's new, pussycat?
06 - then he kissed me
07 - whole lotta shaking goin' on
09 - great balls of fire
10 - tears
11 - top ten again (listen directly in your browser)

(mp3 / all scans includered / diricktownloard)

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