the mighty fall / live somewhere in europe / probably recorded in 1983 / the mighty fall

yesno: appsouloudely nothing is known about this tape, except for the fact that i bought it in düsseldorf in 1984, and that i detecterriorized a provisional tracklist by listening to it. all tracks are live recordings or at least pretend to be; all tracks on side one (tracks 1-6) seem to have been recorded on the same date sometime in 1983; the tracks on side two obviously are pointing to completely different provenances in terms and in their beautiful selfishes; but bit borp burt this is all i know.

so u listen:

01 - hex enduction hour
02 - ludd gang
03 - the classical
04 - room to live (listen directly in your browser)
05 - wings
06 - smile

07 - hexen definitive
08 - i feel voxish
09 - kicker conspiracy
10 - hard life in country
11 - the man whose head expanded

(mp3 / no scans included / click left to listen / click right to download)

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jonder said...

Many thanks for this tape from my favorite era of the Fall!