berlin 1984: the soundtrack for the film "der biß" featuring music provided by marianne rosenberg, david peel, die gesunden, unlimited systems, tecnoville and gerd pasemann

in 1984 punk was leaving for good and trash took over the town. in this state of uncertainty marianne enzensberger of the nowavegroup unlimited systems produced her amorph and shambolic vampyre-movie "der biß" featuring improper and improvised actions by the likes of rosa von praunheim, marianne rosenberg, max goldt and many other inmates of the isolated island of berlin in the mid-eighties.
and nobody really cared. in 1985 the berlin inndeependend label schnick-schnack released an album of eight songs that were featured in this film, and nobody cared furthermore or furtheron, and the record vanished in the dustbins of woolworth and kaufhalle for 99 cent, and still noboredy cared, and now the record changes hands for some thirty euro and more. i bought my copy waybackthen, of course, and i thought you might like to hear some of these sounds of the berlin state-off-the-art from 1984 before you better decide to buy the album at a horrendous price, as you will.
so listen:

01 - unlimited systems - farewell stranger
02 - marianne rosenberg - nägel aus eis
03 - die gesunden - kalte liebe
04 - david peel - up against the wall (listen directly in your browser)

05 - marianne rosenberg - rhapsodie in blut (listen directly in your browser)
06 - tecnoville - small piece of silicon
07 - gerd pasemann - sermon im bunker
08 - unlimited systems - ich beiss mich selbst

so get lost.

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)

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