the charlatans 1967 and 1991, dan hicks 1987, and the flamin' groovies live in 1980: relax! (don't do it!)

coumtree and westcoats hippopies, vrrry charmaning snouts from the passed: the charlatans live in 1967 and 1991, dan hicks in the studio in 1987, and the flamin' groovies live in berlin 1980, all at a rather distinctive sound quality.
there is no proven evidence for the line-up of the charlatans 1967 recordings, but you will find a rather good guess in the linernotes. the re-united charlatans in 1991 were mike wilhelm and dan hicks on guitars and vocals, richard olsen on clarinet and bass, and george hunter on vocals; the second bass player and even the drummer unfortunately remain unnamed. 
the 1987 dan hicks demo is a nice little tune at least, and the flamin' groovies are here with two tracks from a berlin concert in 1980; and while everybody knows the second track, "tell the truth" is a song originally written and performed by derek and the dominos that the groovies never recorded in the studio and only played live two or three times in the early eighties.
as this record changes hands for some 80 euro i thought you might want to listen to it before you buy or die:

the charlatans
01 - alabama bound (1967; unknown source)
02 - alabama bound
03 - folsom prison blues
04 - a girl like you (listen directly in your browser)
(02 - 04 straight theatre, san francisco, 22.07.1967)

dan hicks
05 - up, up, up
(studio demo 1987)

the charlatans (reunion)
06 - how can i miss you
07 - i was born in east virginia
09 - alberta
(06 - 09 new odeon, dayton; 22.06.1991)

the flamin' groovies
10 - tell the truth (listen directly in your browser)
11 - shake some action
(berlin; 07.04.1980)

bonus flamin' groovies
12 - rumble
13 - shakin' all over
(demos 1970/1971; from the cd-version of flamingo / teenage head)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


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