beyond the kraut radar: the southwestgerman band syncrisis and their first album "reflections in musical power" recorded in 1980

in 1980 they slipped through every net, and nobody really cared. while in the early eighties there was a very vivid punk and avantgarde scene in the stuttgart/tübingen area in southwestgermany noboredy gave nothing but a fuck for latelate soft machine or mahavishnu fusion for a lot of good reasons. so syncrisis were the last men halfstanding lightfingeredness, virtuocity and mileage allowance on the guitar neck. they even had a drum solo on their first album; and yes, you are about to witness exactly that.
the album "reflections in musical power" was recorded in december 1980 in some dullsville near tübingen and was released completely independent in 1981. syncrisis were titus köstler on guitar, peter frodl on bass, edgar müller on keyboards, and uwe holzwarth on drums. as a special guest they had armin keller on congas , the guy who in tübingen ran the best record shop i ever lived to see. in 1982 syncrisis produced a second longplayer, and then the four of them got lost in the process of growing old. 
and though this is no lost kraut sensation, and though the lolly pope stated they were coumpletely crap, the music is rather interesting at least, and i like some of it quite a lot.

so listen:

01 - just a happy time
03 - reflections
04 - daydreams
05 - bata mata
06 - mata dalam
07 - one hope
08 - sweet nights

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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