look what i found in my record collection! worn-out wobbly copies of some rare vinyl-7-inchers by the poems, the damned, and eddie cochran and gene vincent: unbearable and unhearable!

just what the headline says: some rare and unhearable and unbearable 7-inchers i found in the black holes of my record collection, rarexpensive and a lot of fun. the damned live anyway anywhere anywhen et cetera, the poems with rose mcdowell long before she joined strawberry switchblade and current 93, and some obscure european recordings by/of eddie cochran and gene vincent.
starteling off this evening are the damned with their extended play filled up with cover versions of well known tunes: this 7-inch-vinyl-ep seems to be a crackling vinyl bootleg of a wobbly crackling vinyl bootleg: 
the sound is awful, and there is a lot of backgroung noise allthroughout. butt annieway, these are some very funny tunes of very obscure provenience: noboredy knows if they really happened:
get it on
rich kids
sharp dressed man
black night
all the young dudes

(and download the pictures as well if you need them)


get it on: 

combing up next are gene vincent and eddie cochran, recorded live in europe in 1960. as this record changes hands for something like one hundred dollars, i thought you might like to hear what you are going to be buying; and you will of course be when you have been listening to the record: a vicious circle...

here we go:

(listen with left-click, save with right-click; and don't forget to save the pictures as well, if you need them)

 one more for the roses:

and lost but not least let us listen to rose mcdowall long before she joined the strawberry switchblade in 1984 or current 93 even later. here she is singing and playing and acting with the poems in 1981.
three tracks, wobbobbely and worn out, for your listening pleasure:

achieving unity
hold and see

(lots of scans included; mp3; direct download)

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