you really got me! 31 versions of the greatest song of all, featuring the pinkees, british summertime ends, the beat boys, the portsmouth sinfonia, 801, the wilde flowers and 21 versions executed by the kinks. and they all sound the same.

the first word in this song is girl. it means girl. and to leave your body. yes, 31 versions of you really got me (though two are not) omitting the common hammersmith gorillas and van halen versions and incorporating a rather obscure focus point on the glamrogue band 801, the german postpunk pinkees, the even more german beat boys, the britishiest of the bizarre british brands summertime ends, and the morest britishitst of them all, the kinks, of course off course. additional information can easily be found on discogs or your favourite search engine, honeybaby, horneybeebee, honkydont!

so here we go-go:

01 - the portsmouth sinfonia 1977 (listen directly)
02 - the kinks - bbc, saturday club, 1964-09-07, transmissions-version
03 - the kinks - live at kelvin hall in glasgow, 1st of april 1967; mono-version (listen directly)
04 - 801 - live at hull 1977 (listen directly)
05 - the kinks on german tv: beat beat beat 23rd of november 1965
06 - the kinks live at maryland 1989
07 - the kinks in july 1964; mono-version with reverb
08 - the kinks - bbc, saturday club, 1964-09-07, kulled-from-the-arkives-version (listen directly)
09 - the kinks on top gear, 30th of october 1964
10 - the wilde flowers, rehearsal room recordings 1964, with kevin ayers, robert wyatt, brian hopper and hugh hopper (listen directly)
11 - the kinks live undated, from the early-days-of-rock-bootleg from 1989

12 - the kinks - don't ever let me go; recorded in september 1964 (this is not you really got me, but it is); official version
13 - the kinks - bbc, saturday club, 1964-09-07; ray davies talks about you really got me (listen directly)
14 - 801 - live on the 3rd of september 1976; featuring bill maccormick, brian eno, lloyd watson, francis monkman, simon phillips, and phil manzanera

15 - the beatboys 2007; more dissinfoamation on this german band can be found nextdoor (listen directly)
16 - the kinks; july 1964; mono-version
17 - the kinks live in paris on the 14th of april 1964 (listen directly)
18 - the pinkees; rehearsal room recording 1983. wenne on drums, machner on bass, zoran or flupp on guitar, and yes, that is me, singing with my voice (listen directly)
19 - the kinks - bbc, saturday club, 1964-09-07, anothergreatlostkinksalbum-version
20 - the kinks, live im bremen beat-club; tortally unconfirmed

21 - 801 - rehearsal room recordings dating from the 23rd of august 1976 (listen directly)
22 - the kinks - bbc, saturday club, 1964-09-07, official version
23 - the kinks, live, probably 1980, from the 1997 german compilation hit the road  (listen directly)
24 - british summertime ends; probadly recordered in 1990 (listen directly)
25 - don't ever let me go; recorded in september 1964 (this is not you really got me, but it is); bootleg-version (listen directly)

26 - the kinks - live at kelvin hall in glasgow, 1st of april 1967; stereo-version
27 - 801 live on the 2nd of november 1977 featuring the god=like paul thompson on drums (listen directly)
28 - the kinks live in london at the nme-poll-or-whatever-winners-party on the fourth of nouvember 1965
29 - the kinks in or on or at shindig in or over or all about the usa in november 1964
30 - the pinkees live in beutelsbach 1983 (listen directly)
31 - the kinks live in paris on the 14th of april 1964 again (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


rev.b said...

Nice compilation. Looking forward hearng how the various covers are handled. Hearing The Kinks' multiple versions sounds good too. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Opinions... That's just yours but not everyones.

rev.b said...

@ Derrick, ???

Rob Kopp said...

Thanks, it contains 3 new covers for me: Pinkeyes (2) and Beatboys.
If you're looking for some others: here you can for over 1.000 of them!

rvd said...

dear rob, thank you for pointing me to this wonderful database of kinks covers. it is absolutely great. and please note: we were not the pinkeyes, but the pinkees. all the best: rvd

Anonymous said...

It goes without saying that the original Kinks recording is the best, but, one of my favorite versions is Oingo Boingo's-- it's different, but fun. Here's a link: