still scorned, dissdorned and sporned: squeeze by the velvet underground

most of the "real" velvet underground fans are way too snobbish to like or even at least accept the wonderful and completely underrated squeeze as the fifth album (or sixth, if you like to count max's kansas city as the fifth album) by the velvet underground. it was recorded by doug yule in london in the fall of 1972 with a little help from deep purple drummer ian paice and some unknown background singers. 

for your listening pleasure i augmented and expanded my copy of the semi-legal cd-version of this album with some interrelated bonustracks i found in my collection. you can listen to some of the tracks directly right here, and you can download the complete version as mp3 or flac at the bottom of this post.

the album: 

01 - little jack
02 - crash (listen directly)
03 - caroline
04 - mean old man (listen directly)
05 - dopey joe
06 - wordless
07 - she'll make you cry (listen directly)
08 - friends
09 - send no letter
10 - jack & jane (listen directly)
11 - louise

the following bonustracks are a compilation of all the doug yule compositions that can be found on the four-cd-box final vu recorded live in london 1971, amsterdam 1971, wales 1972 and boston 1973, featuring maureen tucker, willie alexander, walter powers, rob norris, george kay, mark nauseef, billy yule and don silverman.
12 - dopey joe (london 1971)
13 - caroline (wales 1972) (listen directly)
14 - little jack (boston 1973) (listen directly)
15 - mean old man (wales 1972)
16 - who's that man (boston 1973)
17 - dopey joe (amsterdam 1971) (listen directly)
18 - mamma's little girl (boston 1973)
19 - little jack (wales 1972)
20 - caroline (boston 1973) (listen directly)
21 - dopey joe (wales 1972)
22 - mean old man (boston 1973)
and the following special bonustracks are very special bonustracks:  

23 - beginning to get it (doug yule live in seattle, 25th of may 2000) (listen directly)
24 - crazy feeling (doug yule with lou reed and bob meday, january 1975)
(all scans and more included; direct download)
(all scans and more included; direct download)  



Rupert DeVere-Browne said...

Squeeze is a great album and should not be confused with the VU...it stands on its own and should be listened to as such...Nice to see this with the live tracks complimenting it.

Stu said...

Many thanks for sharing this album,it is very much appreciated all the time and hard work that goes into your wonderful blog.....stay safe & healthy my friend.

Eric said...

agree with the first comment, but v cool you did this