this is not this heat: charles hayward with the radar favourites in 1974 and with quiet sun in 1975 and even with coil later on

before inventing all this praepostpunknoise with this heat in 1978 charles hayward was a very prolific drummer playing with phil manzanera's quiet sun in the early seventies (unfortunately none of their recordings taken before the january 1975 reunion seem to have survived) and playing and recording with the henry cow offspring radar favourites in 1974.

for your listening pleasure i compiled the eponymous radar favourites album recorded in 1974 and produced by michael king for the release on reel recordings in 2010 and the bonustracks that can be found on the 2011 expression records release of the 1975 quiet sun album mainstream (yes, just the bonustracks; i guess you've got the album anyway) and two tracks charles hayward recorded with coil in london sometime between january 1988 and october 1990. you may listen to some of the tracks right here in this post, and you can download the complete compilation way down below.

first of all there is the radar favourites album from autumn 1974. we got geoff leigh on reeds, cathy williams on keyboards and singing, g.f. fitz-gerald on guitars, jack monck on bass, and charles hayward on drums.

01 - peggy delaney's hothouse tinkers (listen directly)
02 - umbrella walk
03 - trees and tanks (listen directly)
04 - blues for henry
05 - blastest (listen directly)

second of all there is the quiet sun with bill maccormick on bass, phil manzanera on guitars, dave jarrett on keyboards and charles hayward on drums. the album mainstream was recorded and released in 1975, the recording dates of the bonustracks unfortunately are not mentioned.

06 - years of the quiet sun
07 - TROT
08 - R.F.D.
09 - R.F.D. part 1 (listen directly)

and third of all we got coil from their wonderful album love' secret domain. charles hayward is playing drums on two of their tracks, one of the many links between free jazz, roxy music and throbbing gristle.

10 - things happen
11 - love's secret domain (listen directly)
(all scans included / direct download)
(all scans included / direct download)


Microflora said...

Much obliged!

rev.b said...

My favorite drummer. Thx RVD.

Anonymous said...


signed: dc (anonmyus no. 2)

Anonymous said...

What exactly You call "soon" ?



rvd said...

sorry dear gh, i completely forgot about the flac-files. thank you for the reminder, they are online right now. stay safe //rvd

Anonymous said...

Vielen Dank. Sehr nett.


Anonymous said...

Ach Ja, und KAFF, ich auch und alles Arno sowieso.


rvd said...

dear gh, herzlich willkommen im club.

parmalee said...

Way back somewhere, Hayward totally dissed Coil. When asked about his "collab" with them, he simply remarked that he doesn't necessarily like or respect everything he plays on. It was just a job. Ha!

I always hoped that some earlier Quiet Sun (71 or 72) would appear, or even Hayward with Gong (early 72), but at this stage that seems most unlikely. At least I've got recordings of Gong with most of their other drummers--Bruford, Brian Davison, Chris Cutler + all the usual suspects.

Jonny Zchivago said...

There's two Quiet Sun 1971 Demo's included on The Manzanera Archives,if you didn't know that nugget of info?

Anonymous said...

Wow, very interesting Many thanks

Anonymous said...

As usual, very sharp on your side exposing this great guy's connection with such exciting bands. Kudos for the combination.
Argentinischa Grusse.