the shangri-las: some of their greatest hits in rather obscure versions plus some bonustracks for your listening pleasure

and yes these recordings are sounding rather close to the original recordings and some of them might even be the original recordings but most of them are not and they all sound as if they had been recorded on a monocassetterecorder with the microphone handheld close to an old transistor radio while the shangri-las were singing live to the wrong backingtracks broadcasted on a forgotten hinterland medium wave radio station somewhere in the nineties of the lastlost century and it's all too beautiful and full of aw and there is nothing going down at all to save you life.

i bought this cd for 99 cent from a rummage table in stuttgart and was extremely dissappointered at first listening but then the badbadbad sound quality started to grow on me and the interplay of obscure live recordings and faded out versions and mouldy old sounds overall on the whole gave me a strange feeling of coherenceness and closeness very very close.

for your listening pleasure i added some bonustracks for your listening pleasure and they all make sense in a very sensual way so let's go:

01 - remember (walking in the sand) (listen directly)
02 - leader of the pack
03 - right now and not later
04 - long live our love
05 - out in the streets (listen directly)
06 - past present and future
07 - he cried    
08 - give him a great big kiss (listen directly)
09 - i can never go home any more
10 - maybe (listen directly)
11 - so much in love
12 - shout (listen directly)
13 - goodnight my love
14 - you can't sit down
15 - give us your blessings
16 - simon says (listen directly)
17 - never again
18 - sophisticated boom boom
19 - i'm blue
20 - heaven only knows (listen directly)
21 - the train from kansas city
22 - the boy
23 - what's a girl supposed to do
24 - bull dog
25 - it's easier to cry

the bonustracks:

26 - great big kiss - the new york dolls (live in paris; 1974)
27 - great big kiss - johnny thunders (live at the marquee club in london; 3rd of june 1982. with tony james on bass, jerry nolan on drums, steve new on guitar) (listen directly)
28 - great big kiss - die mütter (rehearsal room recording; stuttgart 1983. with mine callisti on drums, oliver neitzel on guitar, luigi nicoletti on bass, siemers me=myself=am=i singing) (listen directly)
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


Stinky said...

Thanks! - Stinky

Buzzcut9 said...

Thanks! Give you a Great Big Kiss!

bostig said...

Thanks a lot

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99 cents, sehr günstick, indeed. ich habe für einen Teil der Liveaufnahmen, die LINE Rec. 1982 wiederveröffentlicht hatte, seinerzeit noch um die 18 D-Mack bezahlt.

Thx, signed DC (anonymus no2)

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