wigga boom boom funny funny: the sweet excalibrating some of their greatest mistress on ear=th and a lot of fun drunk or not sober: some strumming outtakes and a lot of strumming bonustracks


gorgeous and ridiculous, fancy and awesome: the sweet at the wuthering heights of the teenage wasteland disturbing the sexual identity of any protopotential praepunk hormonic youth clandestonedly longing for a new error of re=bell=ion and re=volt=age in far=out=of=mind=takes.

a long time ago i bought this wonderful cd of the sweet's greatest hits in different versions for some 99 cent and always lost control again and again and around and around. i am coumpleteredlay aware of the fact that someware in this world a bootleg of this bootleg featuring some bonustracks is waiting to be unearthed by mybeautifulself but as it has not found me yet i took the freedome to enhence my pure and naked version of the cd with some addionated snouds i fnourd in my collection to expain your listening pleasure. it was easy, it was cheap, go and do it!

and here hear we go:
01 - teenage rampage / outtake from 1973 (listen directly)
02 - she gimme lovin' / outtake version
03 - hell raiser / outtake from 1972
04 - hard times / outtake ???
05 - block buster / outtake version 1972 (listen directly)
06 - laura lee / 1977 / previously unreleased
07 - be with you soon / 1972 / previously unreleased
08 - done me wrong alright / bbc session 1971
09 - ballroom blitz / outtake 1973
10 - rebel rouser / outtake 1974 (listen directly)
11 - 4th of july / unreleased version
12 - need a lot of lovin' / bbc session 1973
13 - action 1 / unreleased version from 1977 (listen directly)
14 - love is like oxygen / expanded instrumental version 

and now for the bonustracks:

15 - the sweet - wig wam bam / live 1973 (listen directly)
16 - the damned - ballroomblitz / live at the london lyceum 1981
17 - vice squad - teenage rampage / 1984
18 - long tall texans - ballroomblitz / 1989
19 - the damned - ballroomblitz / live at the london moonlight club / date unknown (listen directly)
20 - marc bolan - are you ready steve? / outtake 1975 (listen directly)
21 - andy scott - guitar solo / live at the bremen musikladen 1974 (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans and more included / direct download)


Unknown said...

Thank you - my life is now Damned Sweet/complete...

Anonymous said...

Way way way back in time at age 13 Sweet was the first band to awaken my interest in rock music. At the time I had only a couple of 45 records, one was "Fox on the Run", which I wore out on my cheap turntable. Good thing at the time I didn't know what they looked like, because otherwise I would have been worried about what my parents thought. From a vocal standpoint, not just a group like The Beatles or KISS, with 4 lead singers, but a group with 4 STRONG lead singers and impeccable harmony vocals. And fun was the most important element. Thanks Max (from the USA)

Anonymous said...

also, das macht aber sowas von meinem Tag heute, eigentlich seit gestern schon. habt Dank, Herr S.

ich weiß, dass es zwar nach Opa war Leipzig/Einundleipzig auch dabei klingt wenn ich es sage, aber driss-ejal: damals war (zwar nicht)alles besser, jedenfalls alles, was sich Blockbuster schimpft.

und wenn ich mir Rebel Rouser was genauer anhöhre - und hell, yeah, das tu ich gerade in so voller Lautstärek, dass mein Tinitus tirriliert, dann muss ich feststellen, dass die Pistols bei Something Else in schamlosester Manier bei den Süßen geklaut haben. Check it out!

der Ernst Wilhelm Ney-Preis für die hippeste private Wiederentdeckung geht übrigens diesen Monat an Love is like Oxygene, was ich bislang irrtümlich für ein vernachlässigenswwertes Spätwerk gehalten habe. Asche auf mein restbehaartes haupt!!

anonymus no. 2